Revealed that “Dubravka” rejected the transfer of loan

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The Ufabet Evening News has revealed that Newcastle United goalkeeper Martin Dubravka has turned down a loan move from Dean Hender. Son Henderson

has been heavily linked with a transfer. In the last corner of the last winter market. After losing his position to David de Gea permanently and playing only three matches in the cup this season only.

According to reports from ufabet. It is the “Salika Dong” that has made an offer to borrow. The 24-year-old Dan, alternating with Dubravka. At the end of the market, with the “Red Devils” also interested in such offers. together

However, it was Dubravka who declined the opportunity to move to a second-hand role for De Gea and wants to stay with the team to continue playing as number one.

However, the goalkeeper declined the opportunity to join United as back-up to David de Gea. Dubravka started in Newcastle’s 3-1 win over Everton on Tuesday night.

Henderson made his third appearance of the season in United’s FA Cup fourth round defeat to Middlesbrough and, although he pulled off two fine stops in normal and extra-time, his ‘keeping in the penalty shootout was suspect. Boro converted all eight of their penalties.

The current season could become a complete write-off for Henderson, with no obvious game designated for him to replace De Gea now United are out of both domestic cup competitions.

After the deal did not happen, Henderson did not leave the club after United. Were unable to find a replacement and rejected an offer from Watford that was also brought in for a loan.