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Pokdeng  : This Pokdeng card game is the most popular and most played card game among all casino games. The device used is a deck of cards, the player consists of 1 dealer, player or hand, or legs from 1-16 people. But the recommended number is 2-8 people, and the time it takes to play each game will not exceed 5 minutes. per game.

The dealer then shuffles the cards and distributes them to the players starting from the left or right. 

With the dealer having the last card. To deal one card at a time until two cards are complete, let the dealer and all players look at the cards in their hand. The numbers will have values ​​according to that number except 10 JQK counts as 0 while A counts as 1 point. That combines more than ten, cut the ten digits out, leaving only the unit digits. 

But if the cards in anyone’s hand have a total value of eight or nine. Players that do not pok lose bets to the banker. The player who has Pok the same number as the dealer. Will draw and not lose, the player. Who has Poked more numbers than the dealer will get bets from the dealer. Those who poked less numbers than the dealer will lose bets for the dealer. If the dealer does not pok All players have rights. One more card per person, or may not be called.

In addition to general wins, poker cards have special points. Which are detailed as follows:

A double bounce means that all the cards in the hand have two cards, where the two cards are the same suit or the same number. In the hand have three cards, where all three are of the same suit. 

Another type is Tong, which means three cards in the hand. All three cards are the same number. That is, a single player. Cutting the leg or cutting it is the placement of the leg. By inserting it in the position of other players. To take that luck as your own, plum leg or plum hand is to put the leg behind the dealer And this leg will get the last card from the dealer. Keep playing like this until the player can stop at any time. But if the dealer wants to stop, he must announce at least three eyes in advance for the dealer to withdraw the capital first.

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