“Pep” is satisfied with the team showing good form

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was delighted with the team’s form after the win over Brentford and led the Reds to 60 points

. spanish Just returned to the opening form, defeating “Little Phung” 2-0, making them 12 points behind the second-placed leader Liverpool, who have played less than two games to date

. They play aggressive and high-pressure. When we set up the game they dropped in to get deep. We have to play calmly and not make mistakes to get the results we want,” Pep told ufabet Sport after the game

. We only allow one chance to get shot. There were many corners, but we were calm. It was difficult when they went deep with 10 players in the box.”

“Liverpool still have two games to play and we’ll look at the gap. There are 14 games left and there are still plenty of points to play. “There are still a lot of difficult games like today.”

Manchester City now have a 12 point advantage over second-placed Liverpool in the race for the Premier League title. With 14 games to go.

Guardiola pointed out that Jurgen Klopp’s men have two games in hand but said he was very happy with the perfrormance from his side, showing patience to make the breakthrough against Brentford.

“Every team is a tough competition but it’s very impressive that we’ve had 60 points so far. We’ve been doing great so far.”