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Online snooker betting

snooker betting – snooker sport It is another type of sport that Ufabet offers to bet online today. There are a variety of betting formats to choose from. For real snooker fans If you are a big fan of snooker Do not miss the opportunity to make money from the ยูฟ่าเบท in all respects.

What is snooker, rules of snooker

What is Snooker – Snooker is another sport. That has been widely popular around the world. The competition will be played on a felt table or a billiard table. There will be 6 holes on the table. The main equipment for playing are snooker sticks and snooker balls. The rules of the competition are as follows.

  • There will be 2 contestants competing against each other.
  • Players must use a snooker stick to stab the white ball in order to collide with other colored balls into the hole to count points.
  • Players must stab a red snooker ball into the hole first. to be able to choose to bet on snooker balls of other colors by having to alternate red with other colors until the red runs out
  • If other colored balls are inserted into the hole, they must pick up that color and place it at the specified point. until the red runs out
  • When the red balls are exhausted, other colored balls must be inserted into the holes in the following order: yellow > orange > green > brown > blue > pink > black.
  • Do not let the white snooker ball into the hole is strictly prohibited. If you miss a white hole, you will lose points to your opponent.
  • If the player stabs into the hole Must continue to play until the hole is not stabbed. to change the opponent to continue stabbing
  • When a player has stabbed the last black ball into the hole If any side has more points, it will win the match.
  • How many frames will there be in one match? It depends on the designation of the owner of the item.

snooker betting how to count snooker points สมัคร ufabet

There are 22 snooker balls in 8 colors, each with a different point. If the player bets on any color into the hole Will add points for that player according to the color they bet on. Let’s see how many points each color has as follows.

  1. White – has 1 ball, no points, if the white goes into the hole, it will lose points to the opponent.
  2. Red – There are 15 balls, 1 point each.
  3. Yellow – has 1 ball 2 points
  4. Green – has 1 ball, 3 points
  5. Brown – has 1 ball, 4 points
  6. Blue – has 1 ball, 5 points
  7. Pink – has 1 ball, 6 points
  8. Black – has 1 ball, 7 points