JK accepts ‘Mohamed Salah’ very hard, losing to AFCON

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Jurgen Klopp, Normal manager Liverpool’s Day. Admitted painkiller Mohamed Salah was also. “deeply disappointed”. After losing in the Africa Cup of Nations final on Sunday

Egypt reached the final before a draw with Senegal ended 0-0 in extra time, however they lost on penalties to make only runner -up

Salah return to Merseyside. Ready to go to the training field Which he confirmed is ready to play against Leicester City in Thursday’s game.

“He was deeply disappointed. It’s very tough,” said Klopp to ufabet

“Losing in the final is always difficult. I can understand But the kind of defeat they lost was even more serious. He was happy to come back. But was also disappointed. Very disappointed too.”

“We talked about this tournament. He will surely cope with it. I hope today (Wednesday) will be better. But yesterday everyone. Could see that. The final was still stuck in his mind.”

“Will it make Mo more determined? I’m not sure. I don’t think. In Mo’s mind for more determination. He will benefit from it. And we will benefit from it.”

Meanwhile. Sadio Mane is scheduled. To return to England tonight and will not be available for the Anfield game.

“So big Everyone has seen the celebrations in Senegal. We don’t want to put pressure on anyone and ask Sadio to come back early.”

“He should enjoy it and come back as quickly as he can. I think it might be tonight.”