‘Hummels’ wife’ was attacked – robbed after filming in Thailand

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Katie Hummels, the wife of Mats Hummels, was assaulted and robbed of her cell phone. While on a trip to Thailand to film a show.

Katie spent three weeks in Phuket, Thailand, filming the season. As the new show’s “Battle of the Reality Stars”

on Saturday, February 5, before she left for the airport.

Katie told Ufabet Dan . that beer “I want to say goodbye to this peaceful and picturesque place with a walk on the beach. And I will never forget what happened.”

“I got hit in the head from behind. The villain has hurt me many times. At some point I realized that this was a matter of life and death and tried to fight back.”

Katie yelled at the villain, “Take whatever, and save me!” The assailant took out the phone that was all Katie was carrying, before fleeing the scene.

“I gathered all my strength and ran back to the hotel. All that time, I only thought of Ludwid, the little one.”

The team called the police, Katie, described the identity of the assailant and filed a complaint. where an investigation is ongoing

A spokesperson for the television station told Ufabet : “The news of the attack on Katie has shocked us. We are relieved that. She is safe from the incident. Our team found warmth and hospitality over the weeks in Thailand.”

Katie flew to Dubai the same evening as the incident and spent some time there. The son will travel to see her this week.

Katie added, “I’m still in pain and physically, but I’m recovering. Fortunately, he’s still alive.”