How to play three stacks of cards online

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three stacks of cards.The 13 card game can only be played from 2 people to a maximum of 4 people after Casino for real money  Because each card dealt uses all 52 cards at once. It will start to deal from the person who dealt the cards first. Can go counterclockwise or counterclockwise until the deck is exhausted until 13 cards are given. Players sit according to the deck of cards, choosing the pile as agreed. After that, let each player look at his or her hand. and arrange the cards that are available in the hand by the three card game Players must arrange their cards into three suits and make sure they are arranged in the correct order according to the principles of poker.

Three stacks of cards online are arranged in the following manner.

  • Bodhi = using the symbol Bodhi leaves, black, is considered the largest Bodhi.
  • Hearts = use symbols red heart shape It is considered the second Pho.
  • Clubs = use symbols with black club leaves, considered the third Bodhi
  • diamond rice = use symbol with red diamonds It is considered the smallest pho.

Three decks of cards are arranged according to the principle of playing the game.

is to divide the cards obtained in the hand 13 cards into three sets of 5,5,3

  • The first set at the bottom is set to the top. According to poker rules, use 5 cards in your hand.
  • The second set, the minor set, still uses poker principles to rank 5 cards in the hand as well.
  • The last set, the head set There are only three cards. But the temple loses and wins as well. สมัคร ufabet