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Revealed that “Dubravka” rejected the transfer of loan

The Ufabet Evening News has revealed that Newcastle United goalkeeper Martin Dubravka has turned down a loan move from Dean Hender. Son Hendersonhas been heavily linked with a transfer. In the last corner of the last winter market. After losing his position to David de Gea

“Minamino” hopes to help open the way for Asian players

Takumi Minamino, a samurai striker admits that playing for Liverpool. Is a childhood dream come true and wants. To be the one to help open the way for Asian players to play for the team in the future, the 27-year-old joined the team “Reds” in early

JK accepts ‘Mohamed Salah’ very hard, losing to AFCON

Jurgen Klopp, Normal manager Liverpool’s Day. Admitted painkiller Mohamed Salah was also. “deeply disappointed”. After losing in the Africa Cup of Nations final on Sunday Egypt reached the final before a draw with Senegal ended 0-0 in extra time, however they lost on penalties to make

“Conte” became fed up with the lead and couldn’t close the game

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte regrets his side’s 3-2 defeat to Southampton because they couldn’t close the game “Saints” went 3-2, although they were leading 2-1 in the last 10 minutes, keeping them in seventh place at the same 36 points. Antonio Conte resisted the

“Pep” is satisfied with the team showing good form

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was delighted with the team’s form after the win over Brentford and led the Reds to 60 points . spanish Just returned to the opening form, defeating “Little Phung” 2-0, making them 12 points behind the second-placed leader Liverpool, who have

How to play slot ?

From the expansion of slot games that players have seen widely in the media in the online world. Because playing slots games are simple and accessible to players. Especially in terms of graphics and sound that will show the mood of the game very well. But it’s not

How to play three stacks of cards online

three stacks of cards.The 13 card game can only be played from 2 people to a maximum of 4 people after Casino for real money  Because each card dealt uses all 52 cards at once. It will start to deal from the person who dealt the cards first. Can

Online snooker betting, snooker sports, rules, how bet

Online snooker betting snooker betting – snooker sport It is another type of sport that Ufabet offers to bet online today. There are a variety of betting formats to choose from. For real snooker fans If you are a big fan of snooker Do not miss the opportunity to make money