Reasons to use a Gold Refinery

You may have seen companies on TV advertising the fact that you can trade your old, broken, and unused gold jewelry for cash. What these companies do not tell you is that going directly to a gold refinery yourself may be more profitable for you in the end. So instead of selling your jewelry on the internet or relying on a “cash for gold” company you barely know, gold buyers  take it to a reputable refinery to have it processed. Whether you are a consumer looking to make some quick cash on old jewelry, or if you are a jeweler wanting to maximize your profit, using a gold refinery ensures that none of your unwanted gold goes to waste.


One of the biggest reasons to use a gold refinery is that you effectively cut out the middleman and in turn create more profit for yourself. Because you go directly to the origin, you don’t have to deal with shipping and return costs, cost to do business fees, and other expenses that eat at the ultimate return you will get for your jewelry or leftovers. General individuals are not the only ones who can benefit from this. For jewelers, taking their small bit, counter sweeps, dust, polishing, and floor sweeps to a refinery is just one way to discover the hidden value of these otherwise useless materials.


Not only that, but a gold refinery is going to know exactly how to smelt your materials to yield a maximum return. The processes they use and precautions they take are all designed to get the most value from the gold.

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