How To Fix Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Windows 10



Workarounds here will help you overcome the Stop Windows 10 error in Print Spooler that prevents the work from running due to service crash.


Many users have reported that the fix print spooler keeps stopping problem when attempting to print documents, which is starting to be alarming. As a valuable service, if it stops working, you won’t be able to use your printer. But the troublesome situation arises when, even after the service has begun, it abruptly stops operating after a few seconds. This particular problem arises due to the existence of corrupt Print Spooler files in the program unless it is set to work automatically, or due to incorrect settings.


Print Spooler is a software or tool that manages all the ongoing operations of the printer. It makes the jobs quick and easy by handling all the commands you send to your print server. For instance–it will find the right printer driver, load the driver, schedule the print jobs, etc. You should be able to solve this annoying problem by testing out these useful workarounds that you will find in the following section. Just go through the illustrated steps and see what you’re looking for.


Here’s how Fix Print Spooler keeps stopping Windows 10–


1] From the Printer folder


Sometimes the real culprit behind this scene may be the print spooler operation. It can continue to interrupt because of the available files, so deleting them is one way to solve this problem. By following these steps, you must disable the Print Spooler service before moving to the procedure–


  • Press Win+R and type services.msc in the text field.


  • Once you press the Enter key, the Services console appears on the screen.


  • See the Print Spooler service in the list available.


  • Right-click the same button and pick the stop option.


  • Tap Win and E to open the File Explorer now.


  • Use the C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS folder to navigate to the folder once it is opened.


  • Use the Continue button to seek permission to access the folder.


  • On viewing of the printer folder, uninstall all available contents.


  • Make sure you have not deleted the PRINTER folder.


  • Enter the Services again and find the Print Spooler software.


  • Right-click the same option and pick Start.


  • Check now if the printer is working correctly.



2] Make sure the Print Spooler feature is set to Automatic 


This is also a considerable workaround to ensure that the Print Spooler program is configured to run on Windows start-up alone. If it isn’t set to automatic, it won’t turn on when Windows starts. In this case, your printer won’t work unless you manually operate the machine.


  • Go to the taskbar tab, pick Services, and then press In.


  • Under the Name tab, find the Print Spooler and ensure that it is in the Started state.


  • Now right-click on the same site and choose Properties.


  • Toggle the wizard’s Automatic startup form.


  • Click on the Start button next to the service status.


  • Press the Apply button to Save Changes and turn to the Recovery tab.


  • Go to the Recovery tab, hit the Subsequent Failures drop-down and pick the Reboot Service option (see screenshot).


  • Click the Apply button, followed by the OK button.


  • Open all active windows and restart 10 PC running Windows. Once you have started your computer, check if the problem still exists or not.


3] Run Printer Troubleshooter to Correct Print Spooler keeps Stopping Windows 10 


Printer Troubleshooter is built-in software that can identify and correct most of the wrong settings alone. It also resolves critical errors during printing that can cause problems. Follow the following troubleshooter instructions–


  • Press Win and I to invoke the Settings app together.


  • Select the Update and Privacy category.


  • From the left pane of the following tab, click the Troubleshoot button.


  • Scroll to the right side of the printer and press the Troubleshooter Run button.


  • This will identify problems automatically and attempt to fix them immediately.


  • Reset the machine after troubleshooting.


4] Download Windows Update to Replace Print Spooler keeps Stops Windows 10 


Windows Update keeps your device up-to-date with the latest updates, apps, beta builds and drivers. It also launches a wide variety of patches to address several bugs and issues you may face.


  • To invoke the taskbar search, you use the Win+S hotkey.


  • In the text field, type Windows Updates and hit Enter.


  • Turn right and press the Update Check button. Once you see the list of available updates, press Install.


  • Download them and execute them when the user requires a reboot, then search for Print Spooler to avoid Windows 10.


5] Remove duplicate drivers 


Only removing duplicate drivers according to the giant app, will solve this problem. Since the issue is connected to the Print Spooler, to fix it, we need to use the Print Management tool. Follow these steps to do this –• Go to the Windows Search and first of all, form Print Management.


  • From the list that appears, select the result.


  • Once the Print Management console appears, pick All Drivers available in the left panel.


  • Turn right and see the chart of the printer driver.


  • If you encounter duplicate drivers here, please be sure to delete them.


  • Right-click on the targeted driver and select the Disable Driver Box option.


6] Use Internet solutions to maintain Print Spooler replacements.


Windows Stopping 10 Some users believed that by merely resetting Internet options, they could solve this problem. To do this, it is required to follow these steps–• Press Win+Q together and let the taskbar of the search appear.


  • Choose Web Options and pick the result from the menu.


  • See the Advanced tab below for the wizard.


  • Press the Reset button, as shown in the following image.


  • Press the Reset button to confirm.


With this solution, the problem with the Print Spooler service should be solved.


7] Print Spooler Stops Registry Fixing 


If all of the above methods are unable to fix the problem, individual values can be removed from your registry to correct them. Until beginning the operation, we strongly instruct you to make a backup. So if something goes wrong, you can get them back quickly.


  • Update the registry using Windows + R keys and type Regedit.exe in the text box.


  • Press the OK button to access the Registry Editor.


  • Navigate to the following Windows 32-bit page.


HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\CurrentControlSet\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Print Processors


  • Go in the following direction for the 64-bit version of Windows.


HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Umgebungen\Windows x64\Print Processors.


  • Delete all but’ text’ keys from the machine below.


  • Only right-click the removable key and pick Delete from the menu.


  • Reopen the console and restart the Print Spooler software.


  • Without any issues, this will start the service.


Print spooler keeps stopping, If the printer troubleshooting measures are helpful, please share this post with others who also face the printer spooler to avoid the error. Keep support and sharing, and if the printer spooler error remains the same, then take advantage of the printer service professionals and ask them to provide the printer problem with a real-time solution.

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