Gifts that Say “I Love You” To the Moon Necklace

It may be just the moment to give a gift that says, “I love you.” What kind of gift could you offer? It might be anything from fine food to a new car, diamonds, art, wine, a cruise, meals at a French restaurant, or travel to a romantic place.

So, let us look at some gift ideas to sweep you off your feet.

Trip to a Lovers’ Hideaway – What better way to say, “I love you,” than taking your beloved on a fabulous trip. Now this may mean an around the world cruise, a jet plane to Cancun, Mexico or to Bermuda for a week, or a night’s stay in an inn just down the road.

Wherever you go, your beloved will be happy.

A Fabulous Piece of Jewelry – For her a great that say i love you to the moon such unique necklaces at or pair of cufflinks. And, for her, a beautiful necklace or the stunning earrings she always wanted. If you do not have the money for expensive gems, why not take some less costly ones.

For instance, in place of diamonds, take Moissanite.

Instead of sapphire, choose iolite. And, in place of those handsome rubies, take the equally handsome spinel. Your beloved will be thrilled.

A Personal Chef for Six Months – Come home to a romantic dinner for two served with the finest French wine, freshly baked bread, and shockingly tasty dessert. Your chef can cook for you in the home or deliver the meals already prepared. Be sure to check this gift out with your beloved beforehand.

A Bouquet of Roses for the Woman You Love – The magic in this romantic gift is that you arrange to have a new bouquet delivered to your beloved every week for a month. You could have the flowers sent either to her home or to her at work. You may also want to send along a singing telegram with a few of her favorite love songs.

A Heart’s Desire – This is for him or for her. Ask your beloved which 3 gifts would be his or her heart’s desire. Choose one that you know you could fulfill. If your beloved cannot think of any, suggest a few. One might be a pair of off-road bicycles for the two of you.

Another might be a gambling trip to Monaco for two. Still another might be membership in a golf club.

Well, that is about it.

The very idea of a gift that says “I love you,” is enough to make you fall in love all over again.

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