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Definitive Guide to Creating Superb Custom Soap Packaging

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So you want LESS Returns, MORE Sales, and a lot of 5-STAR Ratings?

Better packaging could help you achieve these results. Good packaging is an extension of your brand that not only differentiates your product and attract new customers but also highlight your core values and brand story. This can prove beneficial for SMEs that lack the visibility of BIG brands and marketing dollars.

An exquisite packaging can turn out to be a big call-to-action as it can enable your brand to compete against the key players in the market. This could improve your sales and reduce your promotional costs. Yet, many soap vendors seem to be oblivious to all the excitement. They believe the custom soap box packaging is just another expense.

What they don’t know is that soap box is the first impression of their product and brands don’t get a second chance to make a first good impression.

Why Custom Soap Packaging Matters More Than Ever?

Packaging not only affect sales in brick and mortar stores, but it also leaves a lasting impression on customers even if you are selling through an online shop. In fact, research shows that people love to share their unboxing experiences online if they get their orders in superbly designed packages.

Likewise, when customers come across a sub-par packaging, it gives them the impression that the product is also sub-par. Great custom soap packaging, on the other hand, make people overlook product flaws, while poor packaging draws attention to them. The same holds true for soap packaging.

That’s why more and more soap manufacturers are now paying heed to their packaging. Some are totally focused on creating vibrant packaging. Others are looking to harness the power of sustainable materials and pulsating design.

Anatomy of a Winning Packaging Design

A great packaging design comprises four elements. Failing to incorporate any of these elements can lead to poor or no sales as it won’t attract your target audience.

  • Brand Name and Logo
  • Graphics on the Packaging
  • Catchy Phrases and Pertinent Information on the Box
  • Country of Origin and Bar Code

Now that we have spilled the beans and unveiled the elements of excellent soap packaging, it’s time for you to gain the services of a prominent packaging firm like The Legacy Printing and have your packaging printed.

Having great packaging doesn’t mean at all that it should expensive. You can have it without exceeding your budget. Here’s what you need to know:

How You Want to Package Your Soaps?

The first to developing excellent soap packaging is to determine how you want to package your product. Generally, there are three types of soap packaging: a Kraft or cardboard box, plastic bottle, pouch or no packaging at all.

Sure, you can seek recommendations from your packaging partner “what’s the best packaging option for your product?” or you can simply study the competition and market to see what’s working. Quick research will reveal to you, people are more inclined towards brands that offer products in eco-friendly packages. Thanks to the increased awareness around plastic waste, customers are now more keen to reduce their carbon footprint by favoring environmentally responsible brands.

Using sustainable packaging material will help you attract environmentally conscious customers and also reduce your overall cost as sustainable packaging materials are inexpensive and widely available.

The best part is you can customize these boxes to your liking, which means you won’t have to compromise on the design aspect.


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